California Treasurer JOHN CHIANG

"Christy Smith represents the new leadership we need in the 38th State Assembly District. She understands the need for better schools, more good paying middle-class jobs, equality, as well as clean air and clean water for all Californians. Moreover, I'm confident Christy will work to make state government more efficient, accountable and effective for taxpayers. I'm pleased to support her campaign."

State Assembly Speaker ANTHONY RENDON

“We need Christy’s leadership, vision and dedication to serving the voters of the 38th District. With so much instability and dysfunction coming from Washington, D.C., it’s critical that California continues to step up to the plate and deliver good jobs, better schools, and cleaner air and energy. Christy’s go-getter attitude is in striking contrast to her opponent’s gridlocked mindset. She is the most highly qualified
and well prepared to represent the families of this district and she has my full and unwavering support.”

California Controller BETTY YEE

“Christy Smith is smart, highly qualified and well-positioned to harness the energy in the 38th District in order to bring the progress and change that voters are thirsting for. She’s a leader of, by and for the people, and I believe she is by far the best choice for the State Assembly. I am proud to endorse her.”

State Assemblymember JACQUI IRWIN

“Christy Smith is the embodiment of the progress, common sense and pragmatism that we need in California. I know that in the State Assembly, Christy’s agenda will be laser focused on creating more good-paying middle-class jobs, expanding opportunity by improving schools, access to higher education and more job-training and vocational and career tech programs, ensuring clean air and clean water for all and much more. She’s got guts, brains and the boldness we need fighting on behalf of the 38th District. I’m proud to endorse her.”

State Assemblymember JIMMY GOMEZ

“I’m endorsing Christy Smith for State Assembly District 38 because I know she’ll be a champion for working families in the State Capitol. She’ll push for livable wages, expanded access to healthcare, investments in job-training and infrastructure that helps create good-paying jobs and improve our economy. Christy has proven herself as the leader we need in the 38th District.”

State Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair MIKE GIPSON

“Christy Smith is levelheaded, pragmatic and forward-thinking. She represents the progress that we need for California’s 38th District, whether it’s working to expand our middle-class economy, improve schools or create safer communities. I believe she’s the best choice for the District and I’m pleased to give her my wholehearted support.”

State Senator FRAN PAVLEY (ret.)

“Christy Smith believes that all Californians deserve access to breathing clean air and drinking clean water, and that they ought to be able to enjoy our state’s open and green space, to swim in our lakes, rivers and oceans—all without dangerous contaminants and pollutants that would do our communities harm. This is especially important given the recent Aliso Canyon gas leaks in Porter Ranch. I know in the State Assembly, she’ll work to protect our environment and ensure that our state continues to lead the charge when it comes to investing more in clean and renewable energy that will help to create good paying jobs and grow our middle-class economy.”

State Assemblymember CHRISTINA GARCIA

“Christy Smith is a relentless problem-solver. She’s an advocate and a champion for everyday Californians, for women, children, seniors, immigrants and our state’s most vulnerable communities. We need more women like her in the Assembly, which is why I am giving Christy Smith my full support in her run for the 38th District.”

State Assemblymember Lorena GONZALEZ-FLETCHER

“While California’s economy is headed in the right direction, the fact is that still far too many working people are struggling to make ends meet. I know Christy Smith will be laser focused on creating an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. She’ll fight for investments in more job-training, better local schools, affordable and accessible higher education, help for small businesses, and she’ll work to ensure that workers not only have a voice on the job, but that they’re paid livable wages and have good benefits.”

State Senator BEN ALLEN

“I support Christy Smith for State Assembly. She’s fearless, a steadfast champion for her community, and a progressive advocate on improving local schools and fighting for a clean and safe environment, workers’ rights, livable wages and a strong, thriving middle class. I’m pleased to give her my wholehearted support.”

California NOW President Jerilyn Stapleton

“Throughout Christy’s career, from her time as a federal education policy analyst to her service on the Newhall School Board, Christy has been devoted to not only improving the education system in her community, but bettering the lives of everyone. Her fearless promotion of equality for all women coupled with her unique ability to bring people together to solve problems makes her the ideal person for the job. Christy is the perfect candidate for women, families and the communities of the 38th District and California NOW is excited to give her our enthusiastic support.”