Quotes and clips

Quotes and Clips

Quotes and clips

“State and local government can do so much to help the lives of working people. In Sacramento, I’ll work to bring a nonpartisan attitude to policymaking, because our community matters too much for politics to get in the way.”

“In the State Assembly, I’ll work to create good jobs in our community”

“Every person in our community who is willing to work hard should be able to get a good middle-class job that pays the mortgage”

“All of our young people deserve a fair shot at success.”

“I’m running for State Assembly to go to work for you.”

The greatest capacity of the American electorate has always been its ability to sift through the greatest social and economic challenges through debate, protest, enlightenment, and the inevitable ebb and flow of political conservatism and liberalism. What I fear most is that the momentum of that ebb and flow is currently stalled in a perilous state of stalemate driven by entrenched alliance to party over evidence, morality and competence across the political spectrum. If we can not listen and compel change through engagement, we are not leading.